What is Listing Agreement?

It is a contract between you and the brokerage company that the agent represents. The agreement binds both parties to its terms and conditions.

  • Duration of the agreement
  • The compensation spelled out in the contract
  • Listing price
  • Property description such as: size, floor areas, heating cooling system, parking, room size.
  • What is left for the buyer and what is not included with the selling price.
  • When you would like the buyer to take possession.

Step 1

 Prepare to Sell

  • Remember the DD. De-Personalizing and De-Cluttering. Lets provide an environment that the buyers can imagine themselves to live in. Let's put all your personal pictures, your favorite off season Christmas decorations into the box. Let's create some room by putting away your off-season winter clothes, shoe collections, books, and boxes in the living room. It is important to show as much as space as possible!
  • How clean it should be? Simple. The home need be cleaned like a ★★★★ Hotel. Remove any cobweb from the ceiling, grease from the fridge and oven, kitchen backsplash, greasy floor tile, and washroom fan. You will need to make sure to keep up the condition during the showing until the property gets SOLD.
  • Gives the WOW factor. The minute the buyer comes into your home, it feels like they are looking at a picture from a magazine. We look at each room and maximize the use of the room, rearrange your furniture, change your rug, replace light fixtures, painting the walls. The home should look appealing to the buyers.

Step 2

Price the property to sell with different techniques (Price it to sell in current Market or Create Bidding War). Either way let's look at the numbers first.

  • Recent sale around the neighborhood
  • How many properties there are on the market
  • Condition of your home
  • Current market condition
  • How fast the properties are selling

Step 3

Be ready to show your property.

Now your home is on the market and we are seeing some foot traffic. Buyers are calling to book showings. Let's make it available for them.

  • Be flexible with your time. We understand you are already putting so much effort to sell your home but let's face it. Most people work Monday to Friday 9-5. They are only available to see during evening and weekends.
  • Make sure your home is ★★★★ Hotel Condition for every showing. No hair in the bathroom floors and funky smell at your doorstep.
  • Leave your house during showings. Let buyers walk around comfortably and stay longer during the visit. We are trying to create an environment that they can imagine themselves in to grow a family, or start a family. Research shows that buyer stay shorter when owners are in the house!
  • Feedbacks.It is important to hear others feedbacks and try to improve. Our goal is to sell your property with the top price.

Step 4


 Finally all the hard work and time paid off. You have received an offer. The offer contains

  • How much the deposit is with the offer
  • The price the buyer is willing to pay
  • The possession date
  • The offer is irrevocable date/time
  • The conditions.
  • The ball is on your hand. Your call to respond.
  • Accept the offer (with conditions and without conditions).
  • Make an counter-offer (counter back what you think it is right).
  • Decline the offer and walk away.

Step 5

Closing the deal

  • Lawyers from both parties will arrange transfer title of the property.
  • Buyer’s Lawyer will transfer the money to your Lawyer’s trust account.
  • Lawyer will provide you with final statement and lay out the numbers and final amount you are getting out from selling.
  • Arrange with your lawyer to drop off the keys.
  • Sign all the closing documents with the lawyer.
  • Receive your check from the lawyer. Congratulations! YOU JUST SOLD YOUR PROPERTY. We consider the property is SOLD when you receive your check.

Once the offer is signed by each parties, it is a binding contract. It is important to understand the terms and rules in the contract. You may want to have it viewed by the lawyer before signing.

  • Indicates how much the buyer is willing to pay.
  • When the purchaser would like to take possession.
  • Conditions with the offer.
  • When the offer expires.
  • Deposit amount with the offer.

Depends on the contract you may have to provide:

  • Current survey or real property report. That shows the location of the house that is owned by you.
  • Condition on inspection
  • Lawyer will check the title of the property to see if there are any liens, easement, right of way, or restrictions on the property.
  • Health inspection certificate stating the system meets local standard.
  • Meet with the lawyer, provide necessary documents, keys, and sign closing documents.